Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Roy Jones Jr. Lost To Danny Green - Rematch With Hopkins Doomed

Well, it looks like we can forget about seeing Roy Jones Jr. vs. Bernard Hopkins. Jones was stopped in the first round by Australian, Danny Green.

Green caught Jones with a right hand on Jone's left temple, which caused him to go down. Roy got up on shaky legs, covered up and let Green wail away. Jones didn't take a lot of punishment after the initial knockdown, but he wasn't firing back, which forced the referee to call a halt to the bout in the first round.

Am I shocked? Sort of. Danny Green is no world beater. I was expecting Jones to decision Green. Even at this stage of the game, despite the loss, I still consider Roy Jones Jr. a better boxer than Danny Green. Roy just got caught by a heavy handed fighter. It happens.

I'm definitely disappointed that Jones couldn't pull off the victory. That means we don't get to see the long awaited rematch Roy denied Hopkins all these years. I was looking forward to the confrontation between these two boxing legends. Now that Jones lost, it's very unlikely, barring some miracle, we'll see it happen.

Roy Jones Jr. will have to get back in the ring against some lesser opponent right away, if he wants to inch himself closer to a big fight with a big name. I'm a Roy fan, always have been, but I feel he should consider finally hanging them up. He's already secured himself as one of the greatest talents pound for pound to ever step inside the ring.

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