Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Roy Jones Jr. To Face Jeff Lacy In August

Jeff Lacy signed a contract to fight Roy Jones Jr. at light heavyweight. The two fighters are scheduled to face each other August 22 at the New Orleans Arena in a 12-round bout.

This fight will be met with some skepticism from boxing fans, considering both boxers have seen better days. Regardless, this is an interesting match-up, and should be a good fight. Both fighters have a lot to prove. Jeff Lacy would like to make his way to the top of the sport and regain some of the aura Joe Calzaghe beat out of him. Roy Jones Jr. would like to make his way back to the top, where he stood for so many years.

Even as Jones approaches 41 years of age, he will still have a significant speed advantage over the usually lumbering Lacy. Jeff Lacy has a puncher's chance, and that's about it. Never say never when it comes to the sport of boxing, as anything can happen; Jones has the edge in just about every conceivable category, minus chin and power. Jones should out speed and box Lacy's head off in the center of the ring. Jeff Lacy's only chance for victory is to get Jones to the ropes, unload punches in bunches and hope to land something with enough power to knock him out. I don't foresee this happening. Roy will probably win by a wide UD.

If he is successful in thwarting Jeff Lacy's plans come August 22, what's next for Roy Jones Jr? Will he use his victory to get another shot at the best in the light heavyweight division? We will soon find out.

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