Saturday, December 5, 2009

Chris Arreola Is A Pathetic Excuse For A Heavyweight!

Heavyweight contender, Chris Arreola will be facing Brian Minto Saturday night, where he looks to erase from the minds of boxing fans the beating he took from Vitali Klitschko.

"The Nightmare" is a perfect alias for Chris Arreola; he's a nightmare, but not in the sense that he's an unstoppable force inside the boxing ring. No, Chris Arreola is a heavyweight nightmare in that he's a pathetic excuse for a professional. He weighed in at 263 pounds! Pathetic!

You would think Chris Arreola would learn after his fight with Vitali Klitschko and the criticism he took in the lead-up to the bout, about not being in shape. Arreola is even heavier for this fight than he was against Klitschko. Chris Arreola likes to play up the blue collar image - the man who likes to have a beer every once in awhile. Bullshit. It's nothing more than an excuse on his part. He's a lazy fighter who does not want to apply himself. He's not serious about competing at the highest levels of the heavyweight division. Arreola wants to show up and earn a paycheck.

I'm an admitted armchair boxing general; I'm not the one out there putting it on the line like these fighters - but I'm a paying customer - and I'm damn sure that if I were boxing, I wouldn't have the nerve to show up overweight, looking like a slob in front of millions of people. Chris Arreola is a professional who claims he wants to be champion. Well, I got news for you Chris - you're NOT going to be champion, showing up 30 some-odd pounds overweight.

I thought Chris Arreola learned his lesson, and I was expecting him to weigh in way under what he weighed in for his fight with Vitali. Until Arreola learns his lesson and applies himself to the sport like a true professional - like Wlad, Vitali, Haye - I'll be rooting against him.

Chris Arreola is a poster child for the state of the heavyweight division today.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Pacquiao-Mayweather Set For March 13

Apparently the Pacquiao-Mayweather bout has been agreed upon to take place in March. This is a little surprising, considering Manny Pacquiao just got done going 12 hard rounds against Miguel Cotto only a few weeks ago. Manny's trainer, Freddy Roach has also expressed his desire to have the fight take place sometime in May, because he wanted Manny to get enough rest. Roach has also said in a few interviews last week, he wanted a 10 week training camp for Pacquiao, instead of an 8 week training camp.

Personally, I feel May would be the better date. Having the fight in May, instead of March, would allow an extra month and a half to build the hype to a boiling point. Not to mention, the March date would benefit Mayweather more than it would Manny. Mayweather had a glorified sparring session with Marquez and will be completely rested and ready to go in March, whereas for Manny, it would be cutting it close. May seems like a fair date for both fighters.

The date might be pushed back. It's too early to tell. But from all the reports that I'm reading, March 13 seems like the date the fight will take place on.

Full Fight - Bernard Hopkins Vs. Felix Trinidad

Full Fight - Roy Jones Jr. Vs. Bernard Hopkins

Full Fight - Bernard Hopkins Vs. Kelly Pavlik

Bernard Hopkins Wins - Who's Next?

The old man wins again. 44 year old ring legend, Bernard Hopkins defeated Enrique Ornelas by UD. Hopkins looked a little sloppy in the early rounds, probably due to ring rust (the last time he fought was last year against Kelly Pavlik). After a few rounds the cylinders began to move in the old engine, as Hopkins, the same as he always does, employed his usual defensive ring craft and sneaky punches to outpoint Enrique. Ornelas didn't bring anything to the ring to challenge Bernard Hopkins on the night. He was a student in there, and Hopkins, yet again was the teacher. . . maybe a mad scientist. Any win for Hopkins is a feat in itself, considering he's still in his prime at the age of 44! Amazingly, Hopkins' future is brighter now than it was 5-7 years ago.

Who's next for Hopkins? Anybody he wants. The ball is in Hopkins's court. He could probably secure a fight with any boxer on the planet - that is, if they are willing to fight him. Bernard Hopkins doesn't exactly make his opponents look good. Ask Jermain Taylor and Joe Calzaghe - hell, ask Pavlik while you're at it! I'm sure there are a few top fighters out there who would love to get the chance to fight Hopkins, and maybe get the opportunity to be able to say they beat Hopkins better and more convincingly than any of his other foes. Bernard Hopkins isn't exactly an easy puzzle; perhaps that fact will be enticing to Paul Williams or Chad Dawson.

Chad Dawson has already publicly stated he wants a crack at Bernard. That is the fight I want to see. There is also talk of Hopkins moving up to heavyweight to fight David Haye. That would be an interesting fight also.

I think Bernard Hopkins could make Chad Dawson look bad, like he has with all of his other opponents, but I give Chad Dawson a better chance of beating Hopkins than anyone else. Dawson has the speed and skill to overcome Hopkins's negativity and spoiling defense. It's hard for me to bet against Hopkins though; on his best night, even now, at his age, Hopkins can STILL decision Paul Williams, Chad Dawson or David Haye. He has the right style and game-plan to beat anyone put in front of him.

If Hopkins does go on to fight and defeat Chad Dawson, I wonder if that'll lull Calzaghe out of retirement? If, after Hopkins beat the talented young prospect that so many pestered Joe about before his retirement, you'd have to wonder. Regardless, Joe Calzaghe beat Bernard Hopkins when Hopkins was at his best - his last two fights against Pavlik and Ornelas have proven that - and any win from here on out for Hopkins, not only catapults his own legacy, but Calzaghe's too. It took Joe Calzaghe to beat Hopkins, and then Hopkins to beat Pavlik, for me to realize what a talent Joe Calzaghe was. Is Joe overrated by some die-hards? Absolutely. But he's also extremely underrated too. Calzaghe is overrated when it comes to accomplishments. He's underrated in terms of skill.

I'll be on the edge of my seat to find out who Bernard Hopkins will fight next. I'm hoping for Chad Dawson!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Roy Jones Jr. Lost To Danny Green - Rematch With Hopkins Doomed

Well, it looks like we can forget about seeing Roy Jones Jr. vs. Bernard Hopkins. Jones was stopped in the first round by Australian, Danny Green.

Green caught Jones with a right hand on Jone's left temple, which caused him to go down. Roy got up on shaky legs, covered up and let Green wail away. Jones didn't take a lot of punishment after the initial knockdown, but he wasn't firing back, which forced the referee to call a halt to the bout in the first round.

Am I shocked? Sort of. Danny Green is no world beater. I was expecting Jones to decision Green. Even at this stage of the game, despite the loss, I still consider Roy Jones Jr. a better boxer than Danny Green. Roy just got caught by a heavy handed fighter. It happens.

I'm definitely disappointed that Jones couldn't pull off the victory. That means we don't get to see the long awaited rematch Roy denied Hopkins all these years. I was looking forward to the confrontation between these two boxing legends. Now that Jones lost, it's very unlikely, barring some miracle, we'll see it happen.

Roy Jones Jr. will have to get back in the ring against some lesser opponent right away, if he wants to inch himself closer to a big fight with a big name. I'm a Roy fan, always have been, but I feel he should consider finally hanging them up. He's already secured himself as one of the greatest talents pound for pound to ever step inside the ring.

Lucian Bute Impressive In Win Over Librado Andrade

Lucian Bute looked great in his win over the steel-chin challenger, Librado Andrade. Andrade has never been stopped before; Lucian Bute managed to stop him in only 4 rounds.

Coming into this fight, I was expecting to see Andrade start where he left off in their last bout - and he did - pressuring Lucian Bute. Only I thought this time around, Librado would be more effective, seeing as how Bute couldn't dent his jaw in the first fight.

I was shocked to say the least, after Lucian Bute landed that beautiful counter-left off the ropes that dropped Andrade. We've seen Andrade absorb some monstrous shots in his fight against Kessler, and Lucian Bute was tagging him at will in the first fight without so much as a flinch from Librado - so I didn't expect to see Lucian drop him. That's not to say Andrade was seriously hurt though; the knockdown had more to do with him not seeing the punch. That just goes to show you how technique and speed trumps brute power most of the time (think Floyd Mayweather Jr.).

After Andrade got up from the punch to the head, Lucian soon thereafter finished the fight, erasing the memory of the first encounter, by hitting his opponent with a massive, well-placed left to the body. Librado could not beat the count.

Lucian Bute redeemed himself with this performance, and reacted to criticism the way true champions do. He was man enough to give Librado Andrade a much deserved rematch, and managed to erase any doubts I had before. I was seriously expecting some improvements out of Lucian Bute, and thought he would win - by UD - but not by stopping someone as tough as Andrade in 4 rounds.

Bute is ready for the elite in and around the super middleweight division. He's earned the right to fight the best. Word is, Lucian's camp wants Kelly Pavlik. I think that would be a good fight. Paul Williams is also a possibility.

Why the hell is Lucian Bute NOT in the super middleweight tournament? That's what I want to know!