Friday, December 4, 2009

Pacquiao-Mayweather Set For March 13

Apparently the Pacquiao-Mayweather bout has been agreed upon to take place in March. This is a little surprising, considering Manny Pacquiao just got done going 12 hard rounds against Miguel Cotto only a few weeks ago. Manny's trainer, Freddy Roach has also expressed his desire to have the fight take place sometime in May, because he wanted Manny to get enough rest. Roach has also said in a few interviews last week, he wanted a 10 week training camp for Pacquiao, instead of an 8 week training camp.

Personally, I feel May would be the better date. Having the fight in May, instead of March, would allow an extra month and a half to build the hype to a boiling point. Not to mention, the March date would benefit Mayweather more than it would Manny. Mayweather had a glorified sparring session with Marquez and will be completely rested and ready to go in March, whereas for Manny, it would be cutting it close. May seems like a fair date for both fighters.

The date might be pushed back. It's too early to tell. But from all the reports that I'm reading, March 13 seems like the date the fight will take place on.

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