Saturday, December 5, 2009

Chris Arreola Is A Pathetic Excuse For A Heavyweight!

Heavyweight contender, Chris Arreola will be facing Brian Minto Saturday night, where he looks to erase from the minds of boxing fans the beating he took from Vitali Klitschko.

"The Nightmare" is a perfect alias for Chris Arreola; he's a nightmare, but not in the sense that he's an unstoppable force inside the boxing ring. No, Chris Arreola is a heavyweight nightmare in that he's a pathetic excuse for a professional. He weighed in at 263 pounds! Pathetic!

You would think Chris Arreola would learn after his fight with Vitali Klitschko and the criticism he took in the lead-up to the bout, about not being in shape. Arreola is even heavier for this fight than he was against Klitschko. Chris Arreola likes to play up the blue collar image - the man who likes to have a beer every once in awhile. Bullshit. It's nothing more than an excuse on his part. He's a lazy fighter who does not want to apply himself. He's not serious about competing at the highest levels of the heavyweight division. Arreola wants to show up and earn a paycheck.

I'm an admitted armchair boxing general; I'm not the one out there putting it on the line like these fighters - but I'm a paying customer - and I'm damn sure that if I were boxing, I wouldn't have the nerve to show up overweight, looking like a slob in front of millions of people. Chris Arreola is a professional who claims he wants to be champion. Well, I got news for you Chris - you're NOT going to be champion, showing up 30 some-odd pounds overweight.

I thought Chris Arreola learned his lesson, and I was expecting him to weigh in way under what he weighed in for his fight with Vitali. Until Arreola learns his lesson and applies himself to the sport like a true professional - like Wlad, Vitali, Haye - I'll be rooting against him.

Chris Arreola is a poster child for the state of the heavyweight division today.

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