Sunday, August 30, 2009

Paul Williams Is A Dangerous Move For Kelly Pavlik

I admire Kelly Pavlik's willingness to take on tough challengers. Let's get that out of the way first. But, like his choice to fight Bernard Hopkins, I think Pavlik bit off more than he can chew with deciding to face Paul Williams.

Paul Williams is a rangy southpaw with a long reach, who throws a lot of punches. Kelly Pavlik has a decent chin, so I do not think Williams will be able to stop Pavlik, but he'll have an advantage in just about every category, minus power.

If Paul Williams decides to stand right in front of Pavlik, he will be in danger of getting caught with something ala Jermain Taylor. I do not believe Paul will make that mistake. I think he will box smart, and effectively. Paul Williams will have a speed advantage, and I expect him to use that to his advantage. He will give Pavlik angles, and his hands will be busy.

To put this simply; I see no way Kelly Pavlik can win this fight. Paul Williams is the better boxer. He has more speed and can improvise, whereas Kelly Pavlik can't. Pavlik is a bad man, with great power, but is a little one dimensional. There is no way on earth Kelly Pavlik will be able to outbox Williams. The only way he can win is by TKO. I don't foresee that happening.

I will be expanding on these thoughts later on, closer to fight night; talking about both fighters' styles. Sometimes while making predictions, I'm less confident in those predictions, depending on the fighters, their styles, what weight the fight will be held at; especially if it's a pick'em fight. I do not see this bout being a pick'em fight. I am confident that Paul Williams will fill into middleweight nicely, and that he has the right style to beat Kelly Pavlik. So for now.....

Paul Williams UD over Kelly Pavlik.

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