Saturday, August 15, 2009

Roy Jones Jr. Destroys Jeff Lacy

Roy Jones Jr. took Jeff Lacy to school tonight, consistently beating him to the punch and out speeding him. All around, Roy Jones Jr. had too much for Lacy; Jones was comfortable through out, constantly showboating and putting on a great display for the live crowd.

Jeff Lacy was a perfect opponent for Roy Jones to look good against, but if Jones is 'shot to pieces' like a lot of boxing fans proclaim, that's the best shot fighter I've seen in ages. Jones was impressive, fighting well on the inside. Roy is still damn fast for a 40 year old, and I think, a legit top 5 light heavyweight.

Last year, on the night of November 8, I was hoping Jones would ride off into retirement. Now, I'm changing my tune. THIS Roy Jones Jr., with the high guard, often jabbing, fundamentals first, looks good for a 'shot to pieces' boxer. I feel Roy would have a good chance of beating anyone at light heavyweight.

Could I be jumping the gun? Possibly. But it doesn't matter. I want to see Roy continue to fight. The man says he wants to fight on, and looked great, so he should be able to do so without boxing fans harping on him to quit.

Roy Jones Jr. says he wants to fight Australian, Danny Green in his next fight. I think that is a winnable fight for Roy - and if successful, could lead to one last big fight for him, against the likes of Chad Dawson. I think that is Jones' intention; to get one last, major fight.

Do I feel Jones could beat Dawson? Absolutely. But honestly, I wouldn't favor Jones. Dawson would apply the same formula that Calzaghe applied, that of pressure and a constant stream of punches. But Dawson doesn't have Calzaghe's work ethic or stamina, so Jones, in my opinion, would have a better chance of beating Dawson than he did Calzaghe.

One thing is cemented - Roy Jones Jr. is entertaining, win or lose, even at 40 years of age.

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