Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Manny Pacquiao Quotes

“I would only spend a week or two in the Philippines, most probably the week during my birthday because I am planning to give away Christmas gifts to the poor people of General Santos just like what I did last year.”

“I'm completely focused on Velazquez, ... If he's able to go the distance, I think that will help me as far as my experience and stamina for Morales. But the only fight I'm thinking about right now is the next one.”

“If he wants a rematch, I will give him a rematch. There should be a third fight.”

“I think I had him sometime in the eighth round. I knew the body punches were wearing him down, and I knew that if I could keep landing them, I'd probably get him.”

“In the sixth round I knew he was getting tired when I hit him with one punch to the body. But I had to take my time with him because he's a great boxer, too. In the 10th, I tried to knock him out.”

“I could see he was having problems taking my punches. I had no problem taking his.”

“I know everyone in the Philippines is happy.”

“Maybe Manny can take Espinosa for his roadwork or as an adviser. As we all know, Manny shows no mercy even with his sparring partners.”

“I saw I hurt him every time I hit him in the body.”

“Every time Erik moved to his right, I couldn't see him.”

“All of my countrymen are hoping that I win this fight. If I beat Morales, it will be a great honor for me to go back to the Philippines with the victory. I want this very much for my country, it will be good for my country and my fans.”

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