Saturday, July 25, 2009

Roy Jones Jr. Is Shot? My Final Prediction For RJJ Vs. Jeff Lacy

After cruising around and reading quite a few boxing message boards, the prevailing theme for Roy Jones Jr., is that he's 'shot.' Most boxing fans are judging this from Jones' fight with Joe Calzaghe. In that fight, towards the end of the fight, he did look shot. Roy Jones Jr., let's not forget, went on to look better than expected in his fight after the Calzaghe thumping; against a limited foe, yes. But as far as physical prowess; Jones didn't look like the Jones of OLD, but far from 'shot.'

Maybe the boxing fans that I disagree with have a different interpretation of the ring-lingo than I do. 'Shot' to me is "get out of the ring. You have NOTHING left." In Roy Jones' case, he still has something left. He is over the hill, not shot.

I'm expecting Roy Jones Jr. to beat Jeff Lacy by UD, or late round stoppage. Jones has too much talent for Lacy, even at this stage in his career.

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