Monday, June 22, 2009

Dana White Is Bad For The UFC (Thankfully)

Dana White, current President of the most successful MMA organization, UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), has irreparably damaged the sport's credibility, with his greed and child-like behavior. Dana White is everything a President of any organization should not be - unprofessional, greedy and immature. He can be seen on a weekly basis via his video blog - or while doing an interview - continuously dropping the F-bomb, going off on tirades against ex-fighters, or discussing the inner-workings (intimate business details) of the UFC. The organization that his long time friends built, the Fertitta brothers, is managed more like the WWE than a professional sports league.

I first caught a glimpse of Dana White's antics a few years ago when he was publicly feuding with long time UFC fighter, and fan favorite, Tito Ortiz. Dana White would go on television and bad mouth Tito Ortiz. Admittedly, Tito didn't help squash the beef between the t
wo - but when you are the President of a multi-million dollar sports organization, it is very unbecoming to see someone who is supposed to set an example, stoop to the level of his employee.

Dana White's latest gaffe came on April 1, 2009, when he went off on a tirade against MMA sportswriter, Loretta Hunt. White's video blog which featured the rant against Hunt, was pulled shortly after from the UFC channel on YouTube, but can still be seen in all it's glory via other members' YouTube channels.

Mixed Martial Arts is a growing sport; it has grown quite significantly these last few years, here in America, and in the United Kingdom - but it's credibility has been damaged thanks to Dana White and his antics. If MMA is to become as big as most fans of the sport want it to become, the Fertitta brothers ought to replace Dana White with someone professional. They should replace White with someone who would not run the organization like a Jerry Springer show.

With all that said, MMA will always take a back seat to boxing; it simply cannot create the excitement that boxing creates. MMA can co-exist with boxing, but MMA will always be boxing's little brother.

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