Sunday, June 21, 2009

David Haye Still Running His Mouth

After Wladimir Klitschko's dominating win Saturday, David Haye had a few things to say about Wlad's performance. Namely, that it was boring and that he (Haye) is the cure for Klitschko's insomnia.

First of all, I agree with David Haye's assessment, that the fight was boring. He's correct. But Haye forgets, he is partly responsible for Wladimir's boring fight. If David Haye forgot, he pulled out of the proposed June 20 bout with Wlad. It could have been Haye in the ring opposite of Wladimir Klitschko, doing his part to make sure the fight wasn't boring.

After Wlad won the fight, he had this to say about David Haye: "I was really upset that David Haye wasn't able to fight because I wanted to punish him badly. Personally I'm very upset about David Haye. Because of him I didn't fight in March or April when he promised to deliver Stamford Bridge as a venue. But he didn't deliver. He then asked me to postpone this fight for two weeks because of his bad back and then changed it to four weeks. I cannot take this guy seriously. Now he has to get in line and earn his chance to fight for the world title. He has to do that with his hands and not his mouth. We'll get it on either way and I will knock him out in the 12th as I've said before."

I couldn't agree with Wlad more. David Haye is the one who talked a lot of trash for months, signed to fight Klitschko and then pulls out of the fight, supposedly because of injury, when there are reports, Haye pulled out of the fight due to other reasons:

And now Haye is back to his old self, talking, talking and talking some more. If David Haye forgets, he's in the boxing game, which requires participants to actually step inside the ring. For as boring as Wlad was, and is, he fights more than once a year.

Wladimir Klitschko says David Haye has to earn his shot at the title. He had his chance. I would concur with Wladimir.

Close your mouth Haye and finally impress us with your boxing ability, instead of your mouth.

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