Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wladimir Klitschko Dominates Ruslan Chagaev

Wladimir Klitschko dominated Ruslan Chagaev, every minute of every round. Wlad's torpedo-like jab was on display again, as he hammered Chagaev throughout the bout. Ruslan's corner put an end to his misery and stopped the fight at the end of round 9.

It was another bore-fest of a fight hosted by Wlad. Wladimir Klitschko is probably too skilled for his own good; he dropped Ruslan early in the fight and it seemed he could have stopped Chagaev anytime he wanted, after round 4. But he didn't. In typical Wlad fashion, it was the jab, followed by the right hand, over and over again. Ruslan was a stand-still punching bag made for target practice, yet Wlad didn't seize the initiative.

I now know why HBO refused to put this fight on their network. If HBO had any sense, they would refuse to broadcast any fight that involves Wladimir, minus David Haye.

I am not saying Wladimir Klitschko is devoid of talent; he has a lot of talent. I am saying that he is God-awful boring to watch. Wladimir, with his size, speed and skill, should be destroying heavyweights; getting them out of there early, instead of torturing us with his monotinus one-twos and safety first approach.

If there was one thing I was impressed with tonight, it was Ruslan Chagaev's chin.

Wlad is now the ring champion.

I wonder if David Haye watched tonight's fight? I'm sure he did - and I hope he's feeling guilty and at least 50 percent responsible for subjecting us to the Klitschko-Chagaev fight.

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Anonymous said...

oh god enough already. wlad dominated ruslan! what more do you want?

if that were david haye in the ring with wlad haye would end up the same way, probably alot earlier.

all the hate wladimir gets is annoying. its called the sweet science for a reason! face it, noone can beat wlad. besides vitali he is the best heavyweight out there.

too bad so sad but david haye will get knocked out if he has the guts to face wlad instead of pulling out of the fight.