Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Max Kellerman Was Out Of Line

Max Kellerman did a poor job Saturday night on HBO pay-per-view, interviewing Floyd Mayweather Jr., after his dominant performance against Juan Manuel Marquez. Max Kellerman, for those of you who didn't see it yet, was basically an ass during his interview with Mayweather. Most people think Max is an ass regardless; but I'm talking, MAX KELLERMAN WAS AN ASS! He interrupted Floyd, tore the microphone away from him, AFTER Shane Mosley had originally taken the mic from Max, and just did a horrible job.

After such a hyped up fight that didn't really live up to peoples' expectation, the best thing that could have happened was some fireworks after the fight - some call outs - some more hype. Max Kellerman ruined that, when he killed the flow and didn't let Floyd Mayweather speak. On top of that mess, Max Kellerman belittled Floyd Mayweather Jr. by talking about the size disadvantage of Marquez, and wanting to know why Mayweather didn't drop weight to fight Marquez at a lower weight division.

To be quite honest, these are important questions that should be demanded of Mayweather; I agree with Max, but he went about it in the wrong way. He was an ass who pissed off a lot of boxing fans. Max Kellerman certainly didn't do himself any favors by trying to win over his critics. This interview with Mayweather will probably set him back.

Max Kellerman was critiqued obsessively about being such a suck-up in interviews after fights. Maybe Kellerman overcompensated and took it to an extreme in the other direction - a Larry Merchant on steroids.

Max Kellerman is good for HBO boxing, in my opinion, but he's no Larry Merchant. He needs to be himself. He can ask the tough questions we as boxing fans want the answers to, without cutting the fighters off and constantly interrupting.

The interview wouldn't be half as bad if it were on regular HBO - but it wasn't. What made the whole interview a disgrace, was the fact that it was on HBO pay-per-view. That is the reason so many boxing fans are pissed off. People do not pay money to hear the announcers ramble.

Better luck next time Max.

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