Sunday, September 27, 2009

Vitali Klitschko Dominates Chris Arreola

Vitali Klitschko successfully defended his WBC belt Saturday night, dominating and putting enough beating on Arreola that his corner eventually stopped the fight, before round 11.

Chris Arreola certainly made the fight interesting, even though it was one-sided in Vitali's favor. Chris made Vitali fight on the move for the majority of the fight, and didn't really let him relax. Arreola gave it his all, but it just wasn't enough to overcome Klitschko's size and boxing ability.

This fight was interesting in my eyes, because Chris seemed to push himself and try harder than previous Vitali challengers. So many times, after Vitali or his brother come away with the win, fans come with the ready made excuse of, "If only the challenger tried harder, or put some effort in." Well, Arreola did, and it wasn't enough - not by a long shot. This fight just reinforces my opinion that Vitali, not Wlad, is the best heavyweight in the world.

Vitali arm punches, and doesn't put his weight behind his shots, unlike his brother Wladimir, but Vitali, unlike Wlad, can improvise - and he's far better defensively. Not to mention, Vitali has the better chin between the two and is more game.

Even more impressive about this dominant win for Vitali, is the fact that he's 38 years old! In every round he was busier than Chris Arreola, the younger man, while constantly on the move.

I rate this win as one of Vitali's most impressive performances.

So what is next for Vitali Klitschko? Well, I would love to see him fight his brother; if that is not an option (and it's probably not), I'd like to see him face Eddie Chambers.

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