Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Roy Jones Jr. Vs. Bernard Hopkins - Repeat Or Revenge

Bernard Hopkins hasn't fought since he beat Kelly Pavlik, and is looking for an opponent. Most boxing experts say he will either face Chad Dawson or Adamek. I think Bernard Hopkins against either Dawson or Adamek would be interesting, and great from a fan's perspective; but I'll tell you, I would really like to see Bernard Hopkins swallow his pride and face Roy Jones Jr.

Roy Jones Jr. isn't what he used to be, but isn't shot either; he still possesses speed and decent power. And since reformatting his boxing stance/style, and implementing basic boxing fundamentals into his game, he's a different Roy Jones Jr.

Jones has recently went on record and publicly stated he would be interested in facing Bernard Hopkins. This is a fight most boxing fans would like to see, and I feel Hopkins would garner more interest from the boxing world were he to sign a contract to face Roy Jones Jr. than he would taking on Dawson or Adamek.

Roy Jones Jr. Vs. Bernard Hopkins; repeat or revenge. After all these years, it has a certain ring to it.

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