Saturday, September 5, 2009

Shane Mosley Will Face Joshua Clottey

It looks like Shane Mosley found an opponent finally. He will be taking on Joshua Clottey, December 26.

Once again, Shane Mosley showing he will fight anyone. And once again, Shane Mosley showing he's one of the most avoided fighters in boxing today. The same holds true for Joshua Clottey.

Joshua Clottey is no slouch. He will be an extremely tough opponent for Shane Mosley to win against. Many boxing fans thought Joshua Clottey should have got the decision in his fight with Miguel Cotto.

I'll be giving an in-depth analysis of the bout closer to the fight date, but I'm definitely leaning towards Joshua Clottey to come out the winner.

In reference to Shane Mosley being avoided. He just recently came off a spectacular victory over Antonio Margarito, and is arguably the number 1 welterweight in the world - yet has to face Miguel Cotto's leftover. Shane Mosley should be fighting Manny, Cotto or Floyd Mayweather Jr., NOT Joshua Clottey. The Mosley-Clottey fight is great for Clottey though, and will be great for fans.

What a fight this should be!

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