Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Vitali Klitschko Is Underrated!

I feel Vitali Klitschko is extremely underrated by boxing fans and doesn't get the credit he is deserved. Yeah, Vitali Klitschko fights in a weak heavyweight era, but that's not his fault; Vitali takes care of business every time out and is always in shape. You cannot say that about any of the heavyweight pretenders on the scene. What other 6'7'' 250 pound behemoth heavyweight do you know who can fight moving backwards? I'll answer that for you: None.

Vitali Klitschko isn't the prettiest looking heavyweight, but he's effective; as you saw last weekend when he put on a clinic against Chris Arreola. Vitali boxed beautifully - fighting going backwards, while being pressured hard by Arreola - dodging punches and then countering. And not running out of steam. Klitschko was on pace to throw 1000 punches, had the fight went the full distance!

When you put Vitali Klitschko into proper perspective, you'll see that he would have been a decent challenge for any heavyweight in history. Vitali has the size, footwork, speed, chin, power and an unorthodox, yet effective boxing style to be a threat to any past all time great.

Vitali might not have the athleticism of his younger brother, but I feel his defense is superior to Wlad's.

Vitali has also never been behind in a fight - even the two fights that he lost. He was up on the judge's scorecards in the Chris Byrd fight, and against Lennox Lewis.

I think Vitali Klitschko has already secured himself as an ATG. Some will argue against that - but at the very least, he's a shoe in for the hall of fame.

You can best define Vitali Klitschko's greatness by the fact that he took 4 years off from boxing - comes back in his first fight to dominate a legit heavyweight belt holder - dominating where he left off. I don't care who you are; coming back to compete at the highest level of the sport, after being absent for close to 5 years, is amazing.

The older Klitschko brother is 38 years young and looks better than ever. I don't see anyone out there posing a threat to him, besides David Haye.

Vitali is a rare athlete, great fighter, and clearly underrated by boxing fans.

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Steven said...

Totally agree. Second highest knockout percentage in heavyweight history after Marciano. Never been knocked down or lost by decision.