Saturday, November 7, 2009

David Haye Decisions The Giant

David Haye came away with the victory against Russian giant, Nikolay Valuev, tonight in Germany. David Haye was awarded a majority decision points victory.

I personally thought it was a lackluster performance by David Haye, who promised to 'slay' the giant. Truth be told, it was a boring fight.

The fight could have gone either way really, but I thought the judges got it right. I think Haye shaded it.

It can be argued the ancient Evander Holyfield defeated Valuev more clearly than Haye did. But whatever the case, Haye got the victory, and finally had a fight. It might be too soon to judge Haye at heavyweight or estimate his potential in the division by this performance, when he's up against a behemoth like Valuev.

David Haye says he hurt his hand early on in the fight. Is this injury wiggle room for Haye, to excuse himself for not doing the job he promised he'd do in the lead up to the fight, or is it a sincere injury? Sincere injury or not, I hope it's not a pretext to delayed and canceled fights. Fighting once a year and then living off his mouth doesn't hold any weight to the fans who want the heavyweight division spiced up.

I'm tired of the waiting. I'm tired of the scouting. I'd much rather see David Haye face either Klitschko brother next. Let's finally get it on!

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