Wednesday, November 11, 2009

HBO 24/7

HBO's 24/7 series is probably the best thing to happen to boxing in the last 10 years. One thing boxing was lacking, and has been lacking for quite some time, is personalities. Every fighter can't be a Floyd Mayweather, so HBO's 24/7 is perfect; it allows the casual boxing fan a glimpse into what goes on behind the scene and a window into a boxer's life. And it obviously helps with garnering interest for fights.

HBO finally realized the potential of introducing the individual boxing personalities to the general public. Hopefully 24/7 is here to stay. Now if only HBO would broadcast more big fights on their regular cable station, and cut down on the pay-per-views. So many pay-per-views is one problem that is hampering the sport.

StrikeForce (an MMA organization) just put together a card and broadcasted it on CBS - network television - for free. Millions tuned in. Why can't the greedy promoters make some deals to get fights on network television? Even if only a few higher-end cards a year, it would do wonders for the state of boxing in America.

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