Saturday, November 7, 2009

Super Middleweight Super Six

Carl Froch vs. Andre Dirrell: It was a boring, uneventful fight. Carl Froch practically did all the engaging, chasing Andre Dirrell from pillar to post, from the first round to the last. However hard Froch tried to make it an exciting boxing match, he didn't land all that much.

Dirrell was too fast for Froch; he landed more punches than Carl - and I fail to see how you can score the fight in Froch's favor when he was out landed by Dirrell. Just because a fighter forces the action (like Froch did), doesn't mean he should be awarded the victory. Not when the boxer's aggressiveness is ineffective.

Carl Froch is lucky the fight took place in England, otherwise, I don't think he would have gotten the nod. Andre Dirrell, in my opinion, was robbed. He clearly outpointed Froch.

Jermain Taylor vs. Arthur Abraham: Jermain Taylor might be damaged goods. Yet again, he gets knocked out in the final round. First against Carl Froch, and most recently against King Arthur.

The fight between Abraham and Taylor was much more exciting than Froch/Dirrell. Abraham continues to improve with every fight - and I think there is no question he has some serious power that the rest of the super middleweights should be weary of.

Arthur Abraham just might be the dark horse in the super middleweight tournament. If he can get to Dirrell within the course of a 12-round fight, I see Abraham knocking him out. The other possibility is Dirrell outboxing Abraham, which I can also see.

Abraham vs. Kessler would be a great fight to watch, although I favor Kessler to win. Kessler is a better all-around boxer than King Arthur. The only category in which Abraham is superior to Kessler is in the power department. Other than raw power, Kessler has the speed advantage and is fundamentally more sound.

Whatever the case, I'm enjoying this supper middleweight super six tournament. It's a win for boxing fans. I'm looking forward to the next round!

P.S. I firmly believe Jermain Taylor should hang up the gloves!

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