Sunday, November 15, 2009

David Haye Vs. John Ruiz - I Hope Not

John Ruiz vs. David Haye? I can't think of a more meaningless fight. The thought of David Haye fighting John Ruiz is not very appealing. Some would argue that Ruiz would pose as a test for Haye, but not I.

Ruiz is 37 years old. His better days inside the ring are behind him. He grapples more than an MMA fighter and has already lost to Valuev - a man David Haye just beat (a very close decision). The potential match-up between John Ruiz and David Haye makes no sense from David Haye's perspective, and quite frankly, the thought of it puts boxing fans to sleep.

Boxing fans, Klitschko fans, Haye fans want to see David Haye vs. either Klitschko brother in the spring or summer of 2010. That is a fight that makes sense!

If David Haye cannot secure a date with Wladimir, or Vitali for his next trip to the ring, then so be it . . . but under that scenario, I'd rather see him fight Adamek. The Polish heavyweight has already issued a challenge to David Haye; not only would that be an exciting fight to see, David Haye would be testing himself. If he fights and manages to get past Adamek - a fighter who is respected and highly ranked - David Haye Vs. Wladimir/Vitali becomes that much bigger.

More fighters should follow Manny Pacquiao's philosophy; that is, take the boxing path of most resistance.

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