Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Final Prediction For Cotto-Pacquiao

After giving it a lot of thought, my prediction for the Cotto-Pacquiao fight hasn't changed much. I started off thinking Miguel Cotto might be too big of an opponent for Manny Pacquiao to overcome. But now I'm back to where I was in the beginning; thinking Manny will win by TKO in the latter half of the fight.

Miguel Cotto isn't like Ricky Hatton, and he isn't shot like Oscar De La Hoya, but I don't think he'll have the speed to be effective against Manny. Cotto's jab might be a neutralizer for the first half of the fight, but I expect Pacquiao's speed and stamina to overcome the odds.

I don't believe Manny will get Cotto out of there quick like he did Hatton, because Cotto is well rounded and much more versatile. But Cotto has always had stamina issues. That's where I see Manny drowning Cotto - later on in the fight.

Cotto of course has the power to gain Manny's respect, but I don't foresee his power bailing him out. Manny's footwork, in-and-out style and speed will best brawn.

Miguel Cotto will have to force the action and back Pacquiao up if he wants to be successful. IF he can constantly back Manny up he has a real shot. Cotto's most important tool in this fight will be his jab. Pacquiao's most effective tool will be his footwork.

It is going to be speed vs. power on November 14!

So here it is: Manny Pacquiao by TKO in round 9.

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