Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Miguel Cotto's Future And Excuses For His Loss

The type of beating that Miguel Cotto took from Antonio Margarito can ruin a fighter. The same type of beating pretty much happened to Cotto again by the hands of Manny Pacquiao. Cotto's already taken an extreme amount of punishment from both of those fights. But it doesn't mean he cannot make a successful comeback. And I doubt Miguel Cotto is done boxing.

What is next for Miguel Cotto? Well, the first thing probably on his mind is a long vacation; recuperating, meditating on his loss and contemplating his passion for the sport, etc. Once/if Cotto decides to come back, there are a lot of good match-ups for him out there.

Rematching Margarito is always a possibility. Although Cotto is adamant about not fighting him (because of the hand wrap controversy). There is the Shane Mosley rematch waiting to happen. Cotto could also face the winner of Ricky Hatton/Juan Manuel Marquez, if that fight comes to fruition. Miguel could fight Juan Diaz, if he'll move up to welterweight. There are a lot of routes open to Miguel Cotto if he decides to come back - which I'm sure he will.

The bottom line is that, just because Cotto lost, or just because he took another beating, doesn't mean that he has to retire. . . if he doesn't want to. That's for him to decide.

I'm seeing a lot of calls for Miguel Cotto to retire. It's nonsense. We see this type of hysteria after any big name boxer gets beat a second time, or takes quite a bit of punishment. The same calls for retirement happened to Ricky Hatton after he was effortlessly knocked out in the second round by Manny Pacquiao. It is true a beating like the one Miguel Cotto took can permanently effect a fighter's career. On the other hand, many fighters have took 10 times the punishment as Cotto did, on numerous different occasions and come back and not be effected. It depends on the fighter. Each case has to be handled independently. There isn't a one case fit all type of criteria for determining if a fighter has taken too much punishment. We wont know that answer until Miguel Cotto (if he does) gets back in the ring.

The Miguel Cotto excuses have already started: Miguel Cotto's corner gave him the wrong advice, to Cotto being weight drained, etc. Excuses are to be expected.

For one, Miguel Cotto wasn't weight drained; by his own admission he wasn't. Cotto himself offered no excuses after the fight. It is true Cotto's corner did not offer the best advice, and he could have followed a better game plan, but didn't. Could've, would've, should've. The real excuse for Cotto losing - the only excuse for Cotto losing, is Manny Pacquiao.

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